Laban lassi

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Arabs call it ‘Laban’, Indians call it ‘Lassi’, Persians call it ‘Doogh’

Product Description

Arabs call it ‘Laban’, Indians call it ‘Lassi’, Persians call it ‘Doogh’, and Turks call it ‘Ayran’; either way, its a cool refreshing yoghurt drink to replenish all the water and salt the body needs in the usually hot weather in such countries. Although the cold weather in the UK seems to be lingering for far too long at the moment.

If you’re used to the sweet Indian drink ‘lassi’ then laban will be different, which is only flavoured by the slight addition of salt and mint if desired. Laban usually complements kebabs very well, providing a cool refreshing satiating drink, balancing the heat and the smokiness of the barbecue goods. It may take some getting used to if you try it for the first time, but for me it’s been a great satisfying companion since childhood. This drink certainly reminds me of those days, especially when we had to endure temperatures as high as 45°C in a class full of 40 students with no electricity! When you get salt marks on your clothes that’s a good indication that you need lots of salt and water, hence laban. Oh, I would almost finish a whole jug in one ago after coming back from school. Good old days!


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